Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Same 'Ol Same 'Ol

It's that time of year: the time of year when I start realizing that my job is in jeopardy. Last year, I struggled with the prospect of losing my job (if you haven't read that and you're interested you can read this).

Well, I am another year older and have another year more experience and I am back in the same place: waiting to find out if I lose my job. I am going to the board meeting tonight to hear if we will continue all day K. If not, once again, the implications are clear. There will be major job loss. Possibly mine...

You know, this year, the prospect of losing my job doesn't upset me too much. Maybe it is because I don't have a false sense of job security anymore or maybe it is because I am already getting burnt out, but I just think I will be okay with it if there is a reduction in force that costs me my job.

So, we'll see what happens, but I honestly don't have anxiety like I did before and I don't feel any more secure in my job than I did last year.

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Anthony said...

I really hope that you are not getting burned out. I have been in your shoes. It is so easy to let the district impact how you feel. I can tell from your blog that you have a passion for teaching. Don't let the everyday work from authorities bog you down. Teach from your heart. Show why YOU deserve your job. If they do let you go, show the world why YOU deserve to teach and that your district made a mistake. I hope all is well. Good luck!