Sunday, September 20, 2009

What do you know?

I have been home sick all weekend. Not homesick, you understand, but home sick; which in turn has made me sick of home. It may all be for the best anyway because I had to finish my Career Ladder proposal. This year, I had to write an experienced plan and that includes a population analysis. In a population analysis, you have to talk all about the composition of your class. Analyzing my class made me think about some things I hadn't considered before.

  • Right now, my class is 70% female. This may change because I am currently the smallest class and will get any new students that come, but right now my class is 70% female.
  • My class does not have a lot of extremely high or extremely low achieving students. Almost all of my students fall into the partially proficient range according to last year's testing. I don't have anyone qualifying for IEPs or Gifted Services. I do, of course, have one language learner qualifying for an ILLP, but since there is no language pull out program she is still with me all day.
  • I have a lot of visual and a lot of social learners.

I kind of knew all of this, but it was interesting to analyze and look at the data on it. Although, I did take a lot of Sudafed before attempting to do this...

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