Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Day in Short

Woke up to alarm
Hit the snooze
Hit the snooze again
Hit the snooze three more times
Rolled out of bed
Brushed my teeth
Brushed my hair
Brushed on my makeup
Drove to work
Filled up my coffee cup
Ran some copies
Wrote up my schedule
Ran some more copies
Filled up my coffee cup again
Ran out of time
Ran out to pick up my class
Taught Math
Taught Reading
Taught Writing
Heated Up My Easy Mac
Trained a Parent Volunteer
Made Books
Packed Up
Brought the Class Back Outside
Showed Up At the Staff Meeting
Listened to Some Stuff
Looked at the Clock
Looked at the Clock Again
Listened to Some More Stuff
Checked the Clock about Eight More Times
Left the Meeting

Mrs. Dear told me that Mrs. Bear found out today that her husband has a tumor today.

Sent Mrs. Bear a Text Message
Checked My E-mail
Looked Through Some Papers
Packed up my stuff
Waited in Traffic
Heated up my dinner
Planned lessons
Wondered how much gets lost in busy days.

Prayed and Slept Soundly (okay this is still to be done...)

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