Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good Leaders, Great Quotes

I had playground duty yesterday, and for the first time this year I was on the intermediate playground which is where my kids are at (go figure). It was so funny, though, because the third graders were so excited to see me that they wouldn't play on the playground. They wanted to be right by me. So, as I went to tell kids to get away from the fence or share the basketball or see why someone was crying my little following of about eight kids was a tail behind me. It made me laugh, but it also made me think about how much of teaching is leadership.

I am also reading The Aeneid right now which is all about great leadership. Alexander the Great actually carried a copy of it everywhere he went! So, below are some random thoughts and quotes on leadership.


"Such were his words and his face was a mask of hope
That hid the terrible boding in his heart." --Vergil The Aeneid

This one made me think about what a hard time I had being a good leader last year when I was struggling with the principal. Sometimes your job as a leader is to protect those you lead from the things troubling your own heart in whatever capacity. This is easier said than done, though. Trust me.


"To teach her I had to follow
And when she learned I had to let go." --Wyatt Prunty

I love this quote because teaching and leading are so much about knowing when to let go. It is very hard to first show someone the way and then get out of their way. I imagine that this is something like what parents must feel as their children grow up.

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