Friday, September 4, 2009

Trying to Be the Bigger Person

I really haven't wanted to talk about what happened on the last day of school. I really have been glad to have no interaction with the former principal. I just want to put all that nastiness behind me and forget that it ever happened.

That being said, when the school gets basically turned upside down by a last minute decision to switch two teachers who didn't ask for it; when I, who have a reputation for being stoic, lose it and cry in front of everyone for the entire last day; people get curious, people start asking questions. People have been talking about what went down. I haven't gone searching for any answers because I just want to move on, yet answers keep finding me. Truth has a way of revealing itself.

Today, I went to Happy Hour with the other third grade teachers and a few others. They all started talking about how happy they were about the big switch. It's nice: They like having me and I like them too. Then, they started talking about the day when they found out about the switch.

APPARENTLY, the former principal walked into their pod and told them, "This is my final gift to you." Nice. So professional.

She first tells me, "I have no choice. I need to do what's best for kids, and your test scores... I'm just not sure how successful you would be... Have a lovely summer and if you want you can even switch your room when you get back to school. Isn't it great news I pushed this through now and you're not finding out in July?" She watched me cry and get so upset. I believe the only thing I said was the word "no" in response to her question if I was okay. Honestly, how the Hell is her reaction to that going to the third grade teachers and telling them this is a gift for them?

She immediately turns around walks across the school and tells that team, "This is my gift to you."

It is a really good thing she is at a different school because if I ever had to hear her bragging about how compassionate she is or her big heart again, I think I would throw whatever was in my hand at her.

I might not have done well in all of my interactions with her, but I had more heart than that.

I know there is no use being irritated with this. I have to let it go, but it sucks. She lied to me so much in ways that really hurt my confidence.

She came through my school the other day and left a note on my board. I have no earthly idea why, because we didn't exactly part on good terms. The note said "Principal X misses Miss Understood and Third Graders." Another lie; no doubt. The only note I want to see from her begins and ends with "I'm Sorry."

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