Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guilt Free

I kept the minutes for our third grade team meeting this week. I was the intermediary between what was said and what was reported to administration. This week, I made sure we submitted solutions instead of complaints. I also prevented my teammates from purposely not providing the resource teacher with information. I feel great about it, too.

Two weeks ago, I left my meeting feeling extremely guilty for allowing things to run the way they did. I learned from my mistake, though, and this week I did what I needed to.

Am I afraid that my teammates will turn on me if I show my true feelings about the way they treat other teachers? Yes. They hated the girl I replaced and I am not vain enough to think that they wouldn't hate me too. Yet, I know what I always know: I'll sleep better at night if I do what is right even if there are consequences for me.

AND maybe there won't be consequences for me. I have a positive relationship with my teammates and hopefully I can maintain that without compromising my own ethics. I really like all of them and they have been very kind to me, but I won't be a part of bullying other teachers. I just won't do it.

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