Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hard Situation

I recieved an e-mail today from the Middle School where one of my students from last year is attending Middle School. I feel guilty, but I feel a little better knowing that they are dealing with the same extreme issues I dealt with. I got blamed for this student's behaviors so thoroughly that I really kind of believed it was my fault that he was the way he was. I want this kid to do well. I don't like to hear that he is not functioning in Middle School, but it does repair my self-esteem a little to know that his six new teachers are dealing with the same extreme behaviors I saw.

Anyway, I am going to try to go visit him. As much as I was stressed out last year, I've always cared about this kid. I'd like to help if I can. I even feel guilty for the fact that my self-esteem is a little bit repaired by the trial of him and his new teachers, but at least it is hard evidence that I was not just a bad teacher.

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