Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Tomorrow and Sure Enough the Sun Came Out

Well, actually it's raining outside, but in the arid climate I live in we have sunshine in our hearts whenever the rain relieves us from the desert heat.

The title of my blog, however, isn't meant to be taken literally. The title of my blog refers to the fact that I don't feel angry anymore about the situation I wrote about yesterday. Sometimes I write on this blog precisely because I am feeling upset and later on I feel better about things.

Today is the first day of a three day weekend. My job is not stressful this year the way that it was last year, and I have no reason to get worked up over past events that I cannot change.

So, here is a list of things related to teaching that represent the sunshine. As the Beatles would say, "Here comes the sun":

1.) Teaching someone to read is a very satisfying thing to do. My ELL student read her first book on Friday and it was so exciting! Kudos to those teachers who teach a whole class to read every year!
2.) I actually like teaching again. I e-mailed my buddy teacher lesson plans and she wanted to know what I was doing working on the first Saturday of a holiday weekend. The truth is, I was doing it because I wanted to. I wasn't behind. I wasn't feeling pressure. I was excited about teaching.
3.) My life has a lot more balance this year. I've been seeing so much more of my friends and family. I've been reading books I want to read. I've been attending church every week.
4.) My family is doing so much better! My grandad is in remission. My brother and his wife are in the process of buying their own home.
5.) My self-confidence as it relates to teaching is beginning to return. I am still struggling with that, but it is getting better.

The forecast for this year is Sunny!

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