Monday, August 17, 2009

Still Perfectly On Track

Today was the first full day of academics. Things still went really well.

It kind of messes with my head that things are sooo easy right now. It is hard for me to realize if this is because I really am a better fit in a younger grade. Already, by this time last year, I knew it was going to be a hard hard year. Things are much easier this year, but there are a lot of factors contributing to that.

  • I went from teaching a class of 30 to teaching a class of 21. That is nine less bodies to deal with.
  • I had 15 behavior concerns coming into my room last year and this year I have 1.
  • I have experience dealing with behavior issues, academic issues, and family issues.
  • I feel like I am working in a more supportive environment now that the former principal has moved on. I am still skeptical, but I have far less logical reason for that than I had even two years ago with the former administration.

I don't know. In my gut, I think I need to be with an older grade. I can't reason inductively. I need a better reason to think I should stay with younger kids than I had a hard time with one group of older kids and an easier time with one group of younger kids.

I don't really need to think about this now. It's just that I thought I would hate teaching a younger grade and I don't. At times, I really hated my job last year, but I know what I know. It wasn't the age group.

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