Friday, August 7, 2009

Ahhhh I am Starting to Get Stressed...

Somehow this year I have more prep to get done than I ever have. I think it is a combination of factors. Part of the reason I had more prep is because I am teaching a different grade. I can't just plan on doing what I did last year. Part of the reason I have more prep is because I actually know what I am doing now. I can remember being a first year teacher and thinking that I didn't know how to prep anything else, but I knew that I should. I also have more prep because I am working hard to make rock solid routines and procedures--based on the lessons I learned from the difficult bunch last year.

In other news, I have a student who speaks absolutely no English this year. She is sooooo cute, but I really want to be careful that she doesn't feel traumatized. She is such a little one (remember I'm now with kids two years younger than I ever have been) and it must be so scary for her to be thrown into a world where she doesn't understand a thing. Her Uncle told me that she won't even recognize her own name in English. Honestly, it brings a tear to my eye to think about how difficult it must be. It is such a big responsibility for me too. The first year she came to America and her first English class will be something she remembers for the rest of her life. I want to make it a good memory.

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