Friday, August 21, 2009

My Own Little Fan Club

One of the interesting things about moving to a younger grade is that the students act like I am some sort of movie star. Fifth graders want to talk to you and they would ask me about my clothes--or tell me I was hot (but that deserves a blog of its own). Third graders stare at you and write about you during Writing time and come back to tell you goodbye and miss you all weekend. It's cute and nicer than the attitudes I saw last year for sure. It can be too much though. They all want me to read every word as they write it and they all have a million things to tell me. I realize these are things I shouldn't say, but it kind of gets old. I am setting clear boundaries about what they should do independently and when they should approach me, but they just need attention. It really is kind of like dealing with a lot of adoring fans all day long. There's a certain element of it that is flattering and nice but it makes you really tired. I feel like the third graders are self-motivated, but generally (and I will admit that last year was the exception) I find it less draining to motivate than to constantly reassure.

In other news, I heard one of my "Angels" from last year is already famous at his new school. Apparently, one of his Middle School teachers came to find out who had him last year. It seems he is already up to his antics...

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