Friday, March 11, 2011

The Marathon Day 5

What is a marathon about? It's about finishing what you started. It might be about finishing strong, but I didn't so much do that, so I am going to leave it at this: the marathon is all about finishing.

I can't really say I was an awesome teacher today, but I was there. Let's look at it objectively, though. We don't have time cards, so I can't give you my exact hours, but let's look at time spent in the building. On Sunday, I went in to finish lesson planning and conference folders. I put in almost exactly five hours.

Monday, I got to school at 6:30am and left by about 4:30. Tuesday I worked about 6:30-3:30. Wednesday I worked from 6:15am-7:00pm. Thursday again I worked from about 6:15am-7:30pm. That means that including Sunday I walked into Friday with 50 hours under my belt--not including any of the papers I graded at home...

So, I arrived at the building at 6:30 and when the kids left at 2:30, I was working my 58th hour of the week. I really should have made the kids do this as an elapsed time problem, so they could properly understand why I was not in the mood for their tattling or bickering.

So, it's been a difficult race, but it is over, and I have been rewarded with Spring Break.

Addendum: Yes, I realize that my choice of song is ridiculous. I am tired. I can't really finish my marathon of blogging about my marathon strongly either.

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