Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Day You Were Born

Dear Nephew,

The day that you were born I was teaching a room full of 9 year olds. My phone rang and I thought you were here, but you weren't here yet. You and your mother were rushed to the hospital because your little heart was beating more and more slowly.

Your heart beat must have been faint in that hospital. I was in a school all the way across town, but somehow I could hear it. That's the way it is with family. Maybe someday if your sister, who's almost two now, has a child of her own you could understand why.

So, I left the school, in the middle of the day, to go and be with your sister and your Grammy while you were being born. We thought you would never get here! You did get here, though, and you were a big boy!

Everyone was so happy. Your Dad scared you with the flash on his camera and we all laughed. Your heart beat is still a little slow, but the doctor says he thinks you will be just fine in a few days.

So, nephew, I guess you didn't come into the world so easy. Literary experts tell us, though, that this is how heroes come into the world. So, if you ever feel like things are not going so well, just remember: you came into this world like a hero. So, whatever comes up, you can deal with it.


Aunt Understood=).

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