Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Marathon Day 4

Today was better. It felt good to finish the bulk of my conferences. It feels good that tomorrow I am going home after school and it will be break. My work stress is fizzling out, and a break, a much needed break is coming.

I am feeling better about the loss too. I'm still sad, and I worry about my family, but it's not so painful as it was earlier this week. Now, I feel more for my family who is closer to him and whose grief will be hard and long lasting.

My life feels a little more normal and so do I.

You know, I prayed that God would take it easy on me today and He did. I felt better. It's good because tomorrow is my birthday. I will be tired, but at least I won't be exhausted and sad.

Today one of my students brought me a present. It was a potted flower. His card said, "I wanted to get you Suns tickets, but my mom said 'no'," it was very sweet.

One more day of this marathon. One more day...

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