Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Marathon Day 3

I couldn't sleep last night. I was making it worse for myself because I was getting stressed out about not being asleep which makes it harder to sleep in the first place.

I kept thinking about how I would feel by this point in the parent/teacher conference marathon: tired. I was right about that. Exhausted... I'm beyond that now.

I was so sad during my morning commute. I cried about B's funeral being today. Then, I walked into the building at 6:15am. It was like a big hug. I had to forget about my family troubles. I had a meeting in an hour. I had to teach and then I had an endless line of meetings. I walked out at 7:05pm.

I just feel tired and hollow. I never realized it until this week, but my happy family is my anchor. I can go about my life in this world, I can work thirteen hour days, I can do it because I know that all is happy and right in my family world.

When all is wrong, it is hard.

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