Monday, February 14, 2011

Revenge of the Secret Cupid

Well, I can't say I didn't get annoyed today. The Hulk was the Hulk all day long. But, I can say that I did not raise my voice and that we actually had a lot of cooperative work today. The kids really enjoyed the conversation heart data and pictograph activity and the story we are reading is a fun one as well, so I think that helped me enjoy Valentine's Day in an elementary school more...

I did find one reason to get really excited to go to school tomorrow. It doesn't really have to do with kids or teaching, but what are you going to do?

I have a prank in store for my next door neighbor. Oh yes, exactly the same neighbor who was pranking me exactly a year ago with all the secret cupid stuff.

Today, after Superstar teacher left, I snuck into her classroom and opened up the wire board in her computer table. I plugged my reciever for the wireless mouse into her computer, and hid my wireless mouse underneath her computer table to charge. The point is that I hooked up my wireless mouse to her computer and smartboard.

Now, every day at precisely 9:25, my class combines with her class to do the phonics program. It's a scripted program that she's bee trained on and I haven't, so she teaches both classes through the five minute routine every day. Tomorrow at 9:25, I am going to have some fun. While she is setting up, I will sneak over and get my wireless mouse. I'll use my coat to hide what I am doing and control the smartboard while she is teaching. At first I'll just move it and make her think that her smartboard is acting up, but then I'll use my mouse to access the marker tool and start writing messages, like "shhhh." The trick is going to be not laughing, that's how I could really mess this up.

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