Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Cold

Okay, I know that it is blizzarding all over the rest of the country. I know there are snow days all over and below freezing temperatures. But, I live in the desert. We're not used to this. None of us knew what to do today when the high was 47! When I took the kids out to parent pick-up today, I said "Put on your jackets because it's still cold!" They all looked at me in disbelief. After all, it's never cold here in the afternoon.

Tonight, I went to the basketball game which was a lot of fun. The kids asked if they would see me on tv. I told them to look for me right next to Steve Nash. The game was fun and everything, but it is 10:15. Way past my school night bedtime... Tomorrow it is supposed to be cold again. The forecast for me is cold and tired. That could make for a long day!

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