Friday, February 4, 2011

Things That Help Me Get Unannoyed

I never explained the title of my post yesterday. I called it unannoyed because I realized it was taking me a little bit longer to get unannoyed every day. My personality is very easy going. I feel happy 90% of the time generally. I realized yesterday that it took me three hours after work to no longer feel irritated.

Today, I resolved that I was not going to let them get to me enough to ruin my day or ruin my evening. I did really well. I didn't start getting annoyed at all until the end of the day. Oh, the crazy 8 were up to their antics, but I just didn't get bothered by it. We worked silently when they were arguing or tattling. Instead of getting mad that they weren't working together the way I wanted them to, I just celebrated the fact that they were still learning in spite of themselves and the room was peaceful in spite of their contentious natures.

I also chose to focus on the bright spots in my class. Yes, there are some kids who have great potential to ruin my day and subsequently everyone's day, but I do not have to allow that to happen. There are also some really nice kids. I got a new student last week and she gave me the cutest letter today.

Then, after work I went to Happy Hour with my coworkers. Don't worry I was on good behavior this time. It is still quite early and I had only one glass of wine. But, I realized that it is destressing to be around my school staff. It's interesting because my job is stressful, but the great teamwork is soothing.

So, that is how I plan to make it to May!!!

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kayenta said...

That letter is so sweet! I like to de-stress with my colleagues too. It is amazing how much better you feel when you vent-share-laugh with folks who understand!
Have a great unannoyed weekend!