Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Am Not Feeling So Smart Today

Wednesdays are early release days for the students. We usually have a lot of meetings filling Wednesday afternoons, but today our meeting was short because the speaker cancelled.

We all had more time than we are used to, so we were having a "team meeting" in superstar teachers classroom. At this "team meeting" we were generally talking about the latest gossip and they were goading me about Mr. Substitute and how he is subbing for Miss New2OurTeam tomorrow.

I was telling them that I can't go out with him not only because I think he is gay, but also because he wears weird costumes, in public (YEAH). Anyway, they wouldn't believe me. "I'll show you," I told them, "on facebook."

Well, of course facebook is blocked by firewalls on our school network, so I got out my phone to show them. I showed them, I really showed them, and I was feeling superior as we got back to the gossip.

The gossip was that Mr. Kindergarten, a new teacher at our school, got engaged after three months of dating a girl he met on line. This had been announced by his teammate today at the short meeting. Apparently, he didn't want anyone to know he got engaged, but too late for him because we all know now. He is a bit, um, odd aside from this whole thing.

So, as we got back to the gossip, my teammates were like, "Hey, look up Carlos Kindergarten on facebook, so we can see his fiance." He's not my friend on facebook, actually I don't think we've ever had a conversation in real life, but I decided to look him up anyway.

So, I typed his full name, Carlos Kindergarten, into my facebook search bar. Well, as soon as I typed and entered it, I realized that I didn't type it into the search bar. No, I typed it directly onto my wall. Yeah, Carlos Kindergarten's name right onto my wall which went directly to the newsfeed where all my friends from Fun School can see it.

Worse than that, I couldn't delete it; because while my phone can access facebook, the delete function doesn't work on my phone. Mrs. Partygirl, another teacher on BFF Team, immediately got out her new phone and commented on my post. She wrote, "Don't be sad, Ms. Understood." Which was just great because the announcement about his engagement had just been made.

In the end, my post was only up for about an hour. Mr. Bull, my former fifth grade colleague lives in the on campus apartment and he let me use his computer at his house to delete it.

Seriously, though, I'm pretty sure some people saw it before that. Plus, I don't know Carlos Kindergarten, but I get the impression he would not have a good sense of humor about this.

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