Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Five Days of Valentine's Day

Well, the "Secret Cupid Mystery" (regarding how I got signed up) was only the beginning.

On the first day of Secret Cupid, I recieved a note that said, "A Little Somethin' Somethin' to Get You Through the Day." On the inside of the package was a can of Coke, a Milkyway Bar, and--oh yeah--a mini bottle of Absolute Vodka. I did find out later that the mini vodka bottle was filled with water, but seriously--Vodka??

On the second day of Secret Cupid, my true love gave to me one ash tray, a Cigar Afficionado coupon, and Spearmint Gum (I assume this is for the breath I would have after smoking).

On the third day of Secret Cupid, I saw a huge bag sitting by my mailbox. By this time, everyone in the school is watching to see what I get. The first thing I pulled out was a "Tattoo Magazine". I had no idea such things existed, but there it was. The second thing was a "Playgirl Magazine". I did find out later that the "Playgirl" was only a cover taped to a cooking magazine. I did enjoy the note, though. It said, "Something manly to get your tastebuds going. If this doesn't make you say 'mmmm,' I don't know what will." Lovely.

There are only two days left and my Secret Cupid keeps one-upping her or himself. I am scared for Friday.

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Grace said...

What I want to know is why in the world are you the recipient instead of the instigator here?! This is hilarious! Why didn't you think of that? :)