Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Friendship/Love/V Day

I hate it when people call Valentine's Day "V-Day". I think it takes away from V-E Day which seems like a more important celebration than a day to celebrate a little man in diapers shooting people in the heart with arrows. So, I don't know why I said "V-Day".

Anyway, as a teacher, you still experience little cardboard valentines, mountains of candy, and if you are like me, a little queasiness from overindulging on the Valentine's Day candy. I usually think that I never want to see anything pink or red again after experiencing Valentine's Day at an elementary school.

Really, at the end of Valentine's Day Elementary Style you think you are about ready to pull your own hair out if one more kid asks you when you are passing out Valentines (despite the clear schedule on the board), you are exhauseted from finding candy that has somehow made its way into little hands and little desks, and you just want to fall asleep. Then you get sweet valentines from your kids and you see them holding your stupid paper valentine and reading it over and over because you sent it to them. Kids do make valentines more fun, but the thing that saves your sanity when you work at a school are the other adults. It really is your colleagues that make or break your experience in a school.

Admittedly, I did not want to be working on the team I was on this year. It was a tough transition. I will say this year I have laughed more, collaborated more, and seen my teammates more outside of work than I ever have before. Part of it is that I don't feel stressed out now that administration has changed, but it is also because they are a lot of fun.

My Secret Cupid finally revealed herself, and she was a part of BFF Team, but it was not Mrs. Partygirl. It was Mrs. Organization! She gave me nice stuff on the last day and the following note:

Dear Ms. Understood,

You have made this year's Secret Cupid so much fun for me! Thank you for being such a great sport! I need you to know how much I admire and respect you. You are an amazing asset to the third grade team--you have no idea how much I hope that doesn't change for next year. You have proven to be a great teacher and a loyal friend. Have a happy Valentine's Day my new little friend!

Love, Mrs. Organization

PS I'm sorry I lied to you.
PPS I didn't really drink the vodka on Monday morning.
PPPS Mrs. Partygirl has the Playgirl.

This year has been stressful with the budget, rifs, new programs, and lots of change; but my stress has been drastically reduced by working with great people this year. That goes for administration and colleagues.

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