Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here and Now

We had a staff meeting today, and the Captain (my pseudonym for our principal) was talking about evaluations. He was talking about having conversations about how the year has gone for each of us. Recently, as you know if you have read much of this blog, my reaction to all things having to do with evaluation or administration is to shake in my boots (literally, because I love wearing boots lately).

When he said that, though, I thought about my year. It's been a great year! I love my class. I love my school. I have looked forward to coming to work every day for the first time since I started teaching. The only thing... The only thing that has been raining on my parade this year are memories of my bad experience last year.

I have to stop. I can either choose to keep believing that all the things said to me were true and eventually I will fail miserably at anything I try in education or I can choose to let it go. In life, letting go is almost always the right answer.

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