Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rewriting History: Third Grade Style

The third graders get to do a huge project on a historical figure who restored the rights and freedoms of others. They dress up as the character, become a wax statue, and give a speech when the visitors to the museum press the buttons on their hands. Some of my students wanted to be Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and Julia Childs this year. They had some interesting justifications about why these individuals secured the rights and freedoms of others. I didn't let them be these people.

I did have a Rosa Parks and a Hillary Clinton this year. I went outside to pick up my class and found Rosa Parks chasing Hillary Clinton. "Come over here you two," I said. "What is going on?"

"Hillary kicked me off the bus!" said Rosa Parks (apparently in character already).

"Yeah, I kicked her off the bus because I wanted her seat," declared Hillary.

"Well, Hillary, I expected better of you," I answered. "No more running in line. Now let's go inside."

Anyway, overall it was a great day. The kids were very good. Below I have listed some other interesting events I witnessed.

Hillary Clinton waved her flag into George Washington's hat--splitting it in half on the way inside.

Pocahontas got into an argument with Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King Junior over table space.

Amelia Earhart was repeatedly shushed by Harriet Tubman.

Life would be interesting if kids rewrote history, wouldn't it?

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