Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day

All weekend, I've had a pretty bad head cold. I feel quite a bit better today, but I have to go to work. This is not me being a workaholic either. I actually have a lot that must be done. Here is my to do list:

1.) Career Ladder: Our plan has several structural problems I found out about at a meeting on Wednesday. I need to fix it before I forget what the representative told us.

2.) Research Action Plan: This is due to graduate school March 2nd. I haven't started.

3.) Finish my application to teach summer school. I need the money to pay for grad school.

4.) Get lesson plans done. This is the second week I might have unnanounced observations (not a good week to be underprepared).

5.) Enter graduate coursework into the Human Resource System. The deadline is today, on Monday of a three day weekend. If it isn't done, there is no chance I will get any compensation for my graduate work next year. If I get it done, there is a slight chance.

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