Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teacher Support Group

About two years ago, I went through a really traumatic experience as a teacher. It just made me want to give up. It made me want to quit. All the stars had to align and things had to happen just the way they did or I am sure that I would have quit. I didn't ever think my heart would be completely in teaching again, and although I have healed more than I thought I would, I never did fully regain the heart for teaching that I had prior to that experience. I am more cynical, jaded, and skeptical because of what I went through.

At the time, and for a while after, I really believed it was a pretty unique experience. I am starting to realize that it is more unique in teaching to NOT ever have an experience like that.

I was talking to the other teacher at the training with me this afternoon and she was telling me about her experience like that and then the other teacher at the table chimed in about her experience like that. In this age of accountability we all get held accountable for things we don't deserve at some point. Most of us have anxiety that we will be held responsible for things well beyond our control. AND it is a reasonable anxiety.

It just made me wonder why we are all so quiet about these things. I started this blog because I needed to talk about that experience. It has grown into something more now, but I wish I hadn't thought I was the only one who experiences this kind of thing in teaching.

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