Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Don't Know Whether to Be Flattered or Annoyed...

Ladies and Gentlemen, A Really Long Tangent:
I had a training all day Tuesday and will have one all day today on data. I don't know if I mentioned that I am the new "Co-Data Coordinator" at my school. Yes, I know, my title is so impressive. I didn't really volunteer job so much as I made a comment that the Data Coordinator should train one person from each grade level in the data system. Somehow, because of that I found out the first week of school that I was Co-Data Coordinator when I saw my name typed into the committee page; usually we all have to write our names in, and I try to sign up for the easiest committee (so I was never quite sure how that happened). What am I supposed to be doing? I don't know. I think I am supposed to be helping manage the system, but I don't know how to use it. So far, I've actually been the friendly face of data coordination (read as the one everyone is complaining to). People don't exactly love* the giant data system that we have to enter more scores into than ever before. People don't exactly love* my Co-Data Coordinator (read as he has many frienemies). Could it be that my job is to sit there and look pretty? To smile and shut up? I suspect this is the really reason I was drafted as "Co-Data Coordinator." I really think I am the Evita of co-data coordination. All this, though, is just a preface to point out that I went to two day long trainings this week (I actually liked the trainings, but this is not the point either).

The Actual Post
I had a super-hard time writing sub plans for my class this year because of inclusion and because the whole group is low, low, low. I really didn't want them to lose ground. I made three levels of plans (gen ed, resource, and really really resource). I was specific. I staggered instruction, so I could do most of the direct instruction. Yet, when I graded my weekly reading test yesterday, scores took a huge hit from me being out one day. My class average on the weekly reading test (with accommodations for my resource students) is usually 85-90%, but this week it was 75-80%. As co-data coordinator, I am afraid I must pronounce this a complete disaster.

I am sure that the difference is me being there. It is almost impossible for me to communicate how to get the SPED kids learning reading. I don't whether to be flattered that my instruction makes an impact or to be annoyed that being out one day has these kind of repercussions. I am leaning toward annoyed because I am out again today and I am afraid my kids will suffer in their learning for this next story too.

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