Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sexual Harassment Training

Today, our staff was trained in sexual harassment. Well, we were trained in how not to sexually harass others. I learned a lot.

*Do not lick my lips suggestively in the presence of others.

*Do not rub myself suggestively in the presence of others.

*Do not repeatedly comment on another employee's body.

However, I do have some lingering questions that were not answered. I was just too embarrassed to ask. I really think they should have provided an anonymous question box like we use during sex education.

1.) What exactly differentiates suggestive lip licking or rubbing oneself from nonsuggestive lip licking and rubbing of oneself?
2.)Do all of these rules still apply if you are with other employees but everyone is drunk or is there like a what happens at the party stays at the party rule?

Anyway, I got NO WORK done today due to this extremely productive meeting and I have an RED meeting at 7am and another training at 1pm tomorrow. I feel like I am never going to catch up with all the work I need to do!


amanda from michigan said...

whatever happened with the fellas you were 'dating'?

Mrs. H said...

A whole day of SH training??? I can't believe they took you away from your classes for that. But on a good note, your post cracked me up.

What I am worried about is the fact that I get really chapped lips in the winter. I am now afraid some of my coworkers will think I am hitting on them when I keep licking my lips.

Miss Teacha said...

fun, fun, fun stuff! My faculty lounge might be a hotbed of sexual harassment.