Monday, March 22, 2010

Why I Teach Social Studies

It was the first day back. I wrote my class a letter about Spring Break, what we learned in third quarter, and what we will learn in fourth quarter. Each student wrote a letter to answer me (with heading, greeting, body, closing, and signature). I asked them three questions in the course of my letter. Part of their assignment was to be sure to answer each question. I asked: How was your Spring Break? What was your favorite thing we learned about during third quarter and why? What is the thing you look most forward to learning about in fourth quarter and why?

By a huge margin my students were most excited about Social Studies. Here are some quotes.

*When I first came to third grade, I wasn't very excited about Social Studies. Now, I am a huge fan. The thing I love learning about most is History.

*I loved learning about explorers the most.

*I most look forward to learning about the Civil War because it seems interesting.

*I enjoyed being Rosa Parks for the Wax Museum and learning about all the great things she did.

I like to look at test scores and data, but things like this mean more to me. If I can teach someone who didn't like a subject and make them become "a big fan" I feel like I was successful with that student.

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