Sunday, March 7, 2010

Can I Have a Halfway to Midlife Crisis??

Be forewarned this is going to be a mix of funny and emotional. In life, that is really who I am, so this won't be well written or coherent; but it will be honest.

I'll be twenty-five in four days. I was in church today and the pastor was talking about some ringtone that only kids can hear. So, I went to the website ( Go ahead and go there because you know that you're going to! Anyway, I really can't hear the ringtones for 24 and younger. "Oh my gosh," I thought, "My ears are old!"

I've never been one to worry about getting older. I never understood anyone who did. I don't worry about looking older. I am not afraid of dying. Really.

What is hitting me is that I am not in my life where I thought I would be by now. I guess I just worry that in a short life I'll go after the wrong things and before I know it life will just pass me by.

It makes me take stock of my job too. This week (no joking) I'll probably work well over fifty hours. It is parent conference week and that is why, but still. Is it worth it? There is much more to life than work and that in my adult life has been the hardest thing for me to balance.

Maybe if I do get riffed this year it will really be the best thing for me.

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Amanda in Michigan said...

i had my 4 year old daughter listen and she cant hear the ones for under 18 but she can hear a few i cant. interesting...