Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Step Right Up, Step Right Up!

Come one, come all to the big show. Welcome to the third grade musical. A magical show where teachers get extra prep, students are not talking (because they are singing), and hand motions abound!!!!!

It has to be said that my students this year are great little dancers. When I taught fifth grade, the attitude factor was so high that it took away from the quality of the musical. The third graders try hard though. Don't get me wrong, I already think my head will explode if I hear the songs one more time (unfortunately, I will hear the songs three more times tomorrow during the two dress rehearsals and the final performance, so this is not good).

I really do like the musicals though. Kids are funny and cute when they are trying to sing and do hand motions.

P.S. The kids are not singing praise songs to Obama. It had to be said. There are still normal school musicals out there.

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