Saturday, November 14, 2009

Over to Under: Achiever That Is

Every Monday night, at Graduate School, I eat Taco Bell. Usually a Chicken and Ranch salad--it's very good. Everyone else is furiously scribbling notes down, I've quit listening. I have a big textbook that I haven't read. I have a midterm over eight chapters on Monday. I'm not going to read or study. I already told my friend I would hang out with her tonight and I'm not going to do it before then.

Our professor assures us that this midterm will be hard and we won't do that well. Everyone else is all stressed out and studying. I feel like it would be a bigger gamble to waste my day studying when it might not be hard. I figure that I could study hard for the final if necessary to make up for a bad grade, but I could never get my wasted day of studying back.

As an undergraduate, I was so studious. I always thought that my personality was kind of an overachiever. I don't think that is true, though. My personality is more like a workaholic. Ergo, because my job fulfills that part of my persona, I am no longer motivated to put extra work into graduate school.

What did I do with my free day? NOTHING.

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