Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Real Housewife???

I am usually never at home because I work a lot, but this week I am getting a lot of household chores done and mostly staying around the house. I went through all of our boxes in the garage. I had to make sure no mice or rats had gotten into anything in our garage storage. Thank goodness everything was in tact. I vacuumed under all the furniture. I dusted and mopped. I did all of the laundry. I trimmed the vines on the side of the house.

Anyway, my neighborhood is kind of nutty; I am starting to really notice how nutty as I have been here more this week. First of all, it is kind of a retirement neighborhood, so my roommate and I are really young compared to the general demographic. Second, everyone here is really into the neighborhood. For example if we leave the garbage can out an extra hour they push it around the side of our house. Also, every time our neighbors see us they say something along the lines of "We've all been worried about you because you girls never come out of your house." Frankly, I am surprised they haven't kicked me out of the neighborhood because I don't have a little dog to walk around at six in the morning.

I thought I would write about a few of my more colorful neighbors. There is this guy that lives on the street behind us who lives with his wife and a fake woman. Now, his wife is probably in her late fifties or early sixties and the fake woman is clearly modeled after a woman in her twenties. In his garage, this guy has built some sort of man cave. He has a giant Coore's Light sign, a barrel full of beer, and several lawn chairs. The fake woman used to reside in this cave. The first time I saw her, I was really freaked out. She is all legs, and is wearing only a leotard and fish net stockings. I thought it was a very still, very strange living woman until I looked more carefully. Recently, the fake woman has been kicked out of the house entirely. She is now residing in the back of this man's truck. I think his wife said something along the lines of, "It's her or me." It still is a strange sight to see these legs clothed in fishnet sticking out of the back of this man's truck.

There is a woman that lives directly accross the street who is outside every single day. It gets really, really hot here but she is always outside. This woman does walk around her yard, but she also rides around the neighborhood on her scooter with a big red flag sticking out the top. This woman is BFFs with our landlord and his "partner" who used to live in this house. Consequently, whenever we are doing something we are not supposed to do (like trimming the vines on the side of the house) either my roommate or I have to be on guard for the scooter woman. This woman is good at giving the evil eye.

This post is really incoherent, but for anyone else enjoying Fall Break, I hope you are having a relaxing one!

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amanda from michigan said...

i remember a show i saw awhile back about weird things ppl do and one episode was about ppl who have relationships with those so called 'real dolls' its a really really weird fetish and totally creepy!