Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Parent Satisfaction Survey

You know, we are always having to hear about the "Parent Satisfaction Survey" telling how satisfied parents are with their child's teacher. I want a parent satisfaction survey that tells how satisfied I am with the parents I have to deal with. I tell you what, this year I am not satisfied at all! I have two parents in my room this year. Ha ha. That speaks for itself.

The first one is "the parent" at our school. I think you know what I mean. "The parent" that makes the office staff argue about who is going to take the call when their name comes up on the caller I.D. "The parent" who administration tells the secretary to always tell them the principal is in a meeting. "The parent" who is amazed that every year they have the same problems with a different teacher. Yeah, . She actually started complaining about me before the first day of school because "she hadn't heard of me."

Today, apparently she called the principal to demand a different teacher because: I am young. She says that she had a young teacher last year and her son didn't learn anything. She feels sure that this will happen again because I am young. She says that she believes I am a good teacher, but I am a bad fit for her son because he can't be taught by a young teacher. When asked why she felt this way her only justification is that "a mother knows, her son doesn't seem to have enough sparkle in his eyes after going to school, and it is her right as a parent to demand the teacher she wants."

The other parent I have is one of those parents whose idea of being a good parent is ensuring her child gets a good education by regularly complaining. The latest e-mail I got from her was that the homework doesn't have enough Social Studies. "When she was a child she took text books home every night, and her angel has yet to take a text book home this year." The very same day I received a two page e-mail about the lack of Social Studies in the homework; she emailed the teacher of her other child with a different list of complaints. Really, did she just stay up the night before dreaming up a list of complaints for all her children's teachers?

I have so many high needs kids to deal with this year, but what is taking up my VALUABLE time? Entitled. Parents.

Please, someone give me a Parent Satisfaction Survey!

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