Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 3

Today, I really cut back on the blurting out by using my sign with the ear. Transitions were better, but still not where I want them to be. The biggest problem I have is when these kids are entering the room. We rotate the classes a lot among the five third grade teachers--thank goodness because none of the other classes are as difficult as this group and I get a break from these kids when we rotate. Every time that my kids come back in they get off task. Maybe tomorrow we will practice entering the room until they get it right. We have done it before, so I hate to waste the time, but I also know it will improve things.

As far as keeping a balanced perspective, I did a much better job today. I tried to notice when things were going well. Most of the day did go really well.

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Lsquared said...

I read Teach Like a Champion over the summer, and one of the teachers featured in the book has his (high school, I think) student practice the right way to pass in papers, so that they are really fast and efficient at it, so I think that's support for practicing how to enter a room;-). Good luck with those squirrel-y students