Saturday, October 23, 2010


I have a student in my classroom this year with some pretty profound special needs-- for the purposes of this blog I will call him Bob. It has been a challenge for me to teach Bob and a challenge for the other students to be in the same class because what I do with him is so different from what I do with the other students.

One of the students, who has been one of the biggest behavior issues in my class, I'll call him Mike was randomly assigned to work with Bob. So, I said to Mike, "Okay, Mike, you have to help Bob figure out this math game and you two are going to use one digit numbers." What I saw blew me away. Mike was amazing with Bob. Since that day the two have developed a friendship. Mike is patient with Bob. Bob looks up to Mike. Mike's behavior has improved in all areas.

Yesterday, I saw Bob, who is an extremely talented artist, drawing the above picture. I asked him what he was drawing and he just said, "Mike, he's a super hero!" I guess he is.

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Mrs. McLamb said...

I guess this is why the "experts" say it is a good idea to mingle students of different learning abilities. This is a great success story!