Friday, June 18, 2010

Why I Liked the Karate Kid

Disclaimer: If you have not seen Karate Kid and are planning to, then my review is bound to contain some spoilers. Also be warned if you are a purest and loved the original movie, I've never seen it. Sorry, it came out the year before I was born=0).

I think Karate Kid is really a movie teachers can relate to. After all, what is teaching if it is not kicking ass and teaching students to do the same? Every day, I know I will face fights of up to six on one and will prevail. I am pretty intimidating.

Seriously, we, as teachers, can relate to this movie because the theme is about teaching. Jackie Chan says early in the movie, "there are no bad students, only bad teachers." The movie features a clash between Jackie Chan who teaches kung fu one way and another teacher whose motto is "No Pain! No Weakness! No Mercy!"

Jackie Chan teaches Jaden Smith (Will Smith's spitting image and an adorable kid) to use kung fu as an instrument of peace. I loved the way that he taught him kung fu.

The movie also really explores the teacher/student dynamic. There was one really powerful scene where Jaden Smith encounters his teacher at a low moment and helps him move on. I think, as a teacher, it is easy to relate to all the times you learn from your students.

This is my favorite movie of the summer, so far. If you are a teacher, I think you will enjoy it, but go to AMC, not Harkins, and save yourself four dollars!

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