Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lost All of My Cool

Recently there have been two home invasions in my neighborhood, but that doesn't really scare me. I've always lived in a city, and I find myself to be the kind of girl who goes to look for what a noise in the night is armed with only a baseball bat and a cell phone.

Well, today we had a home invasion of sorts. The intruder was about one inch tall and two inches long. Yes, that is right, I saw a mouse in the house.

Now, I like to pride myself on staying calm under pressure. In tough situations I usually keep my wit. I have learned about myself that there are two sure fire ways to reduce me to a hysterical woman. That would be big spiders and any sort of rodent.

I can't explain what my process of thinking was when I saw the mouse. I was doing Yoga in the living room when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It. Was. a. Mouse. Running across the floor. Once it saw me looking at it apparently it was scared too and it ran back into the kitchen. At which point I ran halfway up the stairs that lead to my roommate's room. I was saying repeatedly, "Oh my gosh, a mouse. Oh my gosh, a mouse." I wanted to get my cell phone to call someone to come help me but I was scared to go in the kitchen. Finally, I ran to get it, at which point the mouse ran back into the living room. I ran back up the stairs. Then, the mouse ran into the office.

First, I called my roommate and left a message telling her to get her boyfriend over here to kill this mouse. She didn't answer, so I called my brother. "Please, tell me you are not too busy to come over here right now!" I said. Well, he was on his way to a wedding! I felt that saving me from the mouse was more important than the wedding, but he didn't agree.

Anyway, in the end, my roommate's boyfriend, his cat, and a friend of my brother's showed up to go on a mousehunt. We all moved every piece of furniture, inspected every cabinet, and opened every curtain. Guess what? We looked for two hours and never found him or any evidence of him. We put up a mousetrap, and we will see if it catches him.

I know it is irrational, but I am still scared to sleep in this house. Seriously, I feel like my reaction to rodents is biological. I. Cannot. Handle. It. My roommate is the exact same way, yet all of the guys we called over seemed to feel that this is not a big deal.

I feel like this situation is going to continue to make me stupid because I cannot be rational about big spiders or rodents. When I was about fifteen, I was visiting my relatives in Texas, and they took us to the sand dunes. After we finished, my cousin and I were showering in the women's shower facilities. As long as you stayed in your stall you had a certain amount of privacy, but there was a big window in the main facility. Well, I was peacefully showering when my cousin said she could see something on the ceiling and I should look up. Yeah, she could see something, hundreds of spiders! What did I do? I ran out of the stall stark naked, what else? I demanded that she bring me my clothes because I was NOT going back in that stall.

So, what would I do if I saw a rodent when I was showering here. Who knows? I cannot seem to remain rational in the face of rodents or spiders.

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