Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Okay, Maybe I Was Being a Tad Dramatic

It was dentist day. I had to go at eleven even though my graduate class didn't end until 12:30. I was really getting myself worked up over this. I was rinsing my mouth with salt water and peroxide all the time and refusing to eat anything with sugar or copious amounts of acid.

By the time I got there this morning, I was pretty sure the only option would be to yank out my teeth, one at a time. I figured I could take it, and it wouldn't be so bad.

Well, I need a porcelain crown and eventually my wisdom teeth have to come out. Not nearly as bad as I thought.

My class, on the other hand, was much worse than I thought. It is Science Education in the Modern Classroom. Ironically, the professor has taken a decidedly postmodern view. It is kind of like stream-of-consciousness lecture and he vowed not to let us out early at all. 7:30am-12:30pm every day... Plus, we have nightly homework. Speaking of, I better get to it!

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