Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friendly Dinner

So, guess who I heard from again? PreLawGuy... He wants to have a friendly dinner over my break. I kind of thought he was not wanting to see me anymore after I told him I didn't have feelings for him.

I was really happy to hear from him because I love hanging out with him. I get talked down to by men--a lot. Maybe it is just what men do, but I don't like it. Growing up, I heard all the time that men want to feel respected and women want to feel adored. I tried to believe that. You know what, both things would be nice, but if I had to pick, I want to feel respected.

Case in point: my roommate's boyfriend has been e-mailing all week about Christmas presents for my roommate. He is asking for my opinion, but he keeps giving me idiot proof directions about how to find out what she wants and even how to open a url. I get it that he's older than us too, but I get really annoyed by that stuff.

Here's another example: my sister-in-law. She and my brother have one of those relationships where gender roles are rigid. She told me she votes for whomever my brother tells her to because she doesn't know about politics. Once, they both told me that "Women have their own language. They say the opposite of what they mean, and men are supposed to figure it out." I protested this, of course, because if there is one thing I do it is saying exactly what I mean. I have no wish for anyone to interpret hidden meaning in what I am saying. They told me that I would learn how things are when I was in a serious relationship. Whatever.

This post has gotten really off track, but my point is this: I don't think PreLawGuy is for me, but whoever ends up with him is a lucky girl. I feel like he will meet someone before I do because I have a terrible track record, but even if we can't be friends after that I'll be happy for him.

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