Monday, July 11, 2011

Patience Is a Virtue... I Am Fast Giving Up...

Maybe God is really testing my resolve to be a better Christian. Maybe the fates are playing tricks on me. Whatever the problem is, I am having a bit of trouble being patient and kind and all that.

Yesterday my little brother backed my mom's car into my car. The damage was pretty minimal--just my front bumper. I wasn't happy, but I took a deep breath and consoled myself with the fact that insurance would cover it.

Well, today I find out that my mom forgot to pay her insurance bill a couple of months back and her insurance wouldn't cover it. So, that leaves me with two choices: insist that my family pay money they don't have or take the hit to my insurance rates and pay my 250$ deductible.

Its not like they did anything malicious, but this insurance thing is a constant battle between the way my mom runs her life and the way I run mine. I am all about checklists and planning and thinking ahead. Every 6 months my insurance bill comes to her house and during the month period I ask her for it every time I see her because once she forgot to give it to me and I got a late fee. I am so careful about things, and it didn't work out at all!

I was always the only one in my immediate family who pays attention to bills and deadlines and preemptive measures. Most of the time we can all be at peace with our different lifestyles, but then every once in a while our philosophies of life smash into each other. This time literally.

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