Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Day

Okay, now if you're not a teacher you'll probably hate me for this, but in the summer I typically roll out of bed at about nine o'clock, head to the coffee shop across the street with whatever I am currently reading, drink coffee and read for a couple of hours-ish. Currently I am reading Moonwalking with Einstein (it is so good, but I am going to do a complete post on all my summer reading another time).

Today, I was carrying this book which is thick (only because it has not yet come out in paperback) and I decided, for some reason, to get hot coffee (even though the temps have already climbed to 115 or more). So, I got my cup of coffee, but there was no seats inside the shop and outside is hotter than hell, so I decided to bring everything home. Well, I opened my car door and tried to scramble in with all my stuff. Well, in the scramble, I dropped the coffee cup, spilling hot coffee all over my chest--which hurt (the burn is fortunately not any worse than a sunburn). Anyway, being who I am, I was more worried about getting coffee on the interior of my car than burning myself (which is ironic since my front bumper is shot right now anyway). Of course, I didn't get any napkins, so I'm like "what now." I don't particularly want to go back in the coffee shop with coffee all over me. I look around and I don't really see anyone directly around me (which is when I had a brilliant idea). I decided I would take off my shirt, use it to clean the coffee overflow up, and drive home to get a new one. Good idea, right...?

Wrong, but I proceeded with my plan anyway. Well, as soon as I started mopping up the coffee, I see some gross delivery guy is sitting at the outside tables staring directly into my car. Awesome. I guess my day was bad with the spilling coffee on myself and embarrassing myself, but his was good witnessing some random girl stripping in the parking lot.

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