Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A New Cast of Characters

You know, if any of these dates actually do work out, and I decide to tell them about my secret blog perhaps my nicknames could become a problem, but I need some way to describe them all anonymously. Anyways, eharmony, so far is very, very different from match.com. I feel like, for me, it is better because I need a little more guidance in my dating life. Last time, I felt like I had dating ADD and I couldn't even figure out who I had real potential with because there were so many of them. I think I am more likely to have success this time. Maybe, too, it is because I have finally figured out what I want.

For a long time, I was so unsure of the path I wanted my own life to take; and that made it really difficult to know who I would want on that path with me. I went to such a restrictive, religious college. I kind of wanted to get away from all the rules and judgments. Yet, my faith has been and always will be real. I wasn't sure how to reconcile what I don't believe with what I do. Finally, I feel comfortable and confident. I know that I want to take life's path with someone who believes, is impacted by that belief, but isn't judgmental or sanctimonious. I want a relationship that is not based on traditional gender roles. I want to laugh a lot and not take life too seriously.

This time, I am looking for people who fit where I want to go. The first guy "communicating" with me (I am still trying to figure out when you actually go on a date with this site) is a pastor. For now, I am just going to call him PastorGuy. He is good looking and seems to have a good sense of humor. Obviously he has a lot of faith, but I don't if I want to date a pastor. Finally, I feel like I live in the normal world and pastors are always at church in a way. So, I am not sure about him. He's 28--I think, so close to my age.

The next guy is a doctor in emergency medicine. He likes to go adventuring. He's fairly religious. He is 30 years old and good looking (he does look a lot younger than 30, but I look a lot younger than 26). He seems cool and I think it is cool that he is so successful. Anyway, for now his nickname is M.D.

There's more, but actually I am mixing them up in my mind right now. It's hard when you haven't met them yet. Anyway, I will update soon.

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Anonymous said...

As one random guy who's happily dating a girl he met on OKCupid last November, here's my thoughts on the nicknames: I love them. If my girlfriend told me she had a 'secret' nickname she called me when we were first communicating, I'd be flattered that I was important enough to earn any nickname, and flattered that she used it to talk about me.

The only qualm I could have is if it focused on a part of myself that I didn't feel was somewhat representative of who I really am as a person. I'm not tall, so if her nickname for me was Shorty, I probably wouldn't like that. I'd hate for that to be the representative lens she saw me through for the first part of our relationship. :)