Monday, June 20, 2011


1.) Runway Fashion
2.) Critter Care
3.) Babysitting
4.) Mystery

What do the things on the list above have in common? I can't teach any of them; I am teaching classes on them tomorrow. My friend texted me because she threw her back out and asked if I could fill in for her summer school classes. I checked my schedule and I was doing nothing like almost every day this summer. i thought I would be teaching reading or math. Ha. I guess not.

I'm not going to lie. I am actually excited about teaching runway fashion. I am just so girlie and the class is all girls who love girlie things. My friend sent me some sort of lesson plan about sewing on a button, but I threw it out. How annoying of a sub am I? Anyway, I took my roommate's InStyle magazine and flagged pics of all the cute outfits. I am going to use the smartboard to show the structure and flow of almost all fashionable outfits (they usually contain both). Then I rounded up all the fabric, ribbon, and tulle in this house. There actually is a lot, I don't know why. I am going to put the girls in groups. Each group will choose fabric, ribbon, and tulle and use it to make no sew outfits that show flow and structure. Then, we're going to have a fashion show!

I had to use my old cds for music because my ipod is broken. That is when I realized that I am officially old now. It was my high school cd collection, and it was dated! Who knew that would happen so soon?!!! The song I chose is below. Oh well, I like my dated music!

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Rachel said...

I've felt that way about my music, too! I like to use music in lessons on poetry/figurative language, but I often have to struggle to find current stuff to fit the bill -- mostly because I don't know all the new stuff out there!