Monday, April 25, 2011

Safe for Now

Well, another rif has come and gone without sweeping me away.

We got a series of emails from the teacher's association and district office warning that there will be another rif, pending board approval tomorrow, and that those effected would be notified today. Which is right on my predicted time block, as today was the first day outside of the official state testing window. Anyway, everyone was a bit jumpy to say the least!

I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw the V.P. walking around the corner.

In the end, though, I hung on again.

Tomorrow is the big board meeting where we can hear about other special surprises in store for us. The talk is that they're reducing the sub budget and at a certain point we'll have to take in kids of absent teachers. They're also, of course, increasing class size. We don't have supply budgets anymore, so there's nothing to cut there. We've already lost all classroom assistants (excepting those required for certain IEPs). I heard also there will be program reductions for Art, Music, and PE.

Tomorrow will announce some but not all of the new budgetary surprises.


Mr. W said...

congratulations...hopefully all will work out in the end. Not just with your job, but with your spiritual journey as well.

Arleen said...

My heart goes out not only to teachers but to all school district staff at the end of the school year. I worked for 12 years as a secretary in a school district and each year end was so stressful for all of us. I am pleased to hear you kept your job. We need good teachers. However, I'm sorry about the other cuts making your job more difficult.
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