Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Demand a Recount

Thursday Night I got roped into helping with Reading and Math Night. I was just trying to get some Wednesday morning coffee from the library lounge when Madam Librarian appeared out of no where.

"Can you run a booth for the night event?" she asked me.

"I already am," I said naively assuming that she was talking about the Camp Night next week. I didn't even know we were having Reading and Math night.

To make a long story short, I was assigned to the laptop station from 6-7pm. Mrs. Partygirl, my third grade teammate, requested that we get the same assignment. The whole of our job was to make sure that people did not steal the laptops. I told Mrs. Partygirl that I thought it would pretty funny if I stole one of the laptops for a while to freak Mrs. LiteracyCoach out. I didn't carry it through, but the thought crossed my mind.

Right accross from our station was a raffle station where kids could put their names in a drawing to win reading and math games. Miss Fourthgrade was supposed to be making sure kids entered only once. Miss Fourthgrade made the mistake of leaving her station for a while.

That's when Mrs. Partygirl noticed that one of the games being raffled off was Banana Grams. She really wanted that game. "Let's enter ourselves in it!" she said.

"No," I answered, "They're pulling these names out of a hat live on announcements, and we're not supposed to enter." Well, Mrs. Partygirl of course entered herself five times anyway.

Friday morning announcement time came. Sure enough Madam Librarian pulled Mrs. Partygirl's name out of the hat. She looked confused but decided to allow it. Then, she pulled her name out for a second time.

I guess it was appropriate since this drawing happened on April Fool's Day!

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