Sunday, August 7, 2011


Sorry everyone that I haven't posted in so long. Tomorrow is the first day of school (I can't believe it), and I've been working a lot. At this point in my career, I realize that the first week of school is so important. I am trying hard to plan thoroughly enough that I can focus my energy and attention on the kids while they are there and not the billion tasks I, personally, have to accomplish this week.

My goals for the first week of school this year are as follows:

1.) To make each student feel that I like him or her. (I finally get it that kids really worry about if their teacher likes them. Teachers should not take on the role of friend, because they need to be the authority figure, but kids need to feel that you notice them and like them.)

2.) To teach procedures and routines (this is sort of a given).

3.) To build community. I hate dumb team building activities, but it is not worth it to skip them!

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Amanda said...

oh I do wish you would update when you post a new blog! I want to know what happened with the roommate and the dates!
On another note, school already! I live in Michigan. My daughter will be going into first grade and here school doesnt start until after labor day every year. This year will be september 6, although my daughter would absolutely love to go back already!